Sexy Advertising

When it comes to advertising it seems like everything goes! From sex, emotions, love, humor, and violence, advertisers are willing to try anything to get us to buy their products. I usually respond best to advertisements with a little humor. That is why I picked the DStv commercial to analyze.

The DStv commercial starts with one fireman cleaning an empty fire house. He decides to use the fire pole to practice his pole dancing skills (I have to point out that he is very good!). During his last big move on the pole, writing pops up saying, “Guess Who’s Been Watching Late Night Movies on DStv?” It ends with the alarm going off and another fireman sliding down the pole, and landing on the dancing, sexy fire man.

This commercial uses humor to catch the consumer’s attention. It keeps the consumers focused by adding a small piece of advertising, pointing out the product being sold, instead of bombarding the consumer with information and details that will likely bore the audience. It also uses sex in a very clever way, making it funny instead of blatantly sexy.

The key to this commercials success is that it is not over the top in anyway. The fireman is fully clothed and average looking, instead of half-naked and muscle bound. He is dancing in a sexy yet funny way, making the commercial appealing to both men and women. Plus the consumer keeps watching with a need to know what in the heck he is up to.

Although I’m not convinced this commercial is the best way to get consumers to purchase DStv, I am positive it gets most consumers to pause long enough to watch the entire commercial. With our busy lives, just getting us to stand still for 58 seconds, is a victory all its own. It may offend some people, but if that is the case, I do not suspect those people are watching a whole lot of traditional TV. All in all, I believe this commercial is a success, both in entertainment value and in getting people interested in finding out what DStv is all about.

I believe this message is transmitting a sense of humor and a lot of fun. This commercial makes people think about laughter and a good time, something you want to associate your entertainment choice with. It turns the traditional gender roles around by making the man the sex object, but in a way that is funny and entertaining. It is not taking things too seriously or sending any deep dark messages in my opinion.


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